Environmental Policy

While carrying out our activities as Anadolu Yarn and Textile Factories Industry Anonim Şcompany, we take an approach based on effective and continuous improvement by complying with all legal requirements within the framework of our standards and practices determined regarding environmental legislation and the environment.


In this context,


  • That we will comply with all environmental legislation obligations that we are subject to due to our activities,
  • We will attach importance to recycling, we will endeavour to minimize the pollution that may occur from our activities and to prevent it at its source,
  • We will continuously improve our performance in order to protect the environment within the framework of the principle of sustainability,
  • We will reduce our natural resource consumption by ensuring efficient use of energy, water and recyclable materials,
  • We will continue to raise environmental awareness for our employees and subcontractors to act environmentally sensitively in their activities,
  • By managing our waste, we are committed to ensuring its recovery in a way that does not harm the environment.